has Standard miniature lenses for scanners, CCTV, CCD/CMOS, medical imaging, surveillance systems, machine vision and night vision systems. We can  provide your optimal lens solution for your prototypes and products .

Affordable & High Quality CCTV Lenses: Board Lenses, M12 Lenses,Fisheyes lenses,Tiny Mount Lenses, CS Mount Lenses & Lens Holders. And provide free of charge consulting about lenses.

Any lens you need we could source, design and manufacture for you.also  providing free of charge consulting about lenses.

6 Features Make Us More Worth to Work with

Quick Delivery Services
We keep a small stock of many lenses so that we can send samples to you for testing on the same day.Normally we send our packages by DHL.It will take 3-5 business days to the different countries.So you can get the samples for evaluation quickly.
Volume Availability
we can often get tens or hundreds of lenses from the manufacturer’s stock. After that, the manufacturer will have to plan, source and execute a lens manufacturing order. The run-rate is typically 3,000 or more lenses per week. Price comes down dramatically with quantity because the set-up costs are a high proportion of the manufacturing cost
Supply chain
When you reach the manufacturing planning stage of your product development, we can organise your Supply Chain visit to the factory or even conduct the visit on your behalf and send a confidential report to you with images of the factory line and certification documents.
Optical Filters
We can offer different kind of optical filters for the lens,such as IR cut off filter,IR bandpass filter,narrow bandpass filter.
Lens mounts
We have many different lens mounts to fit over your imager and can supply you with a selection.
If you want to discuss your lens application with us, as well as email we can text chat (Skype, WhatsApp…) or conference call.

It is our honour to help you to get the best lens solution for your product.

Send us your lens request to us.

Applications of Our Lenses

Security and Surveillance

Security and Surveillance



Machine Vision

machine vision



medical, military ,environment monitoring, aerospace ,location based entertainment ,wearable,mobile device,3D sensors,IoT,home integration,and other high-tech industries.

Let’s check out what our clients say

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Our project needs a very special M8 lens,it is light weight and tiny.From the last year i contact ccdcmoslens.com,they send us more 20 types lens samples for testing.It is very lucky for us,we get a lens which is beyond our expecting from ccdcmoslens.com when i travel to China for business this year.also they give us the full support of the custom lens holders for our products.As their good service,our project can go on very well.

 I have to say ccdcmoslens.com has done an incredibly good and fast job!
Thank you so much for helping us out. They have really provided excellent support, from making the product more simpler (no IR holder) to even finding a way to make the mould cheaper .
Once again, thanks so much, and if I have any other project regarding board lens I will definitely contact them again.
Riemer Grootjans Iristick NV,Belgium

Where we manufacture our products


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