About Us

We are a China-Based lens manufacturer and supplier.

NEED: You need a lens – now

Each year, some 5,000 teams around the world need miniature lenses for the product they are developing or the concepts they are researching.  You are our market.

OUR SOLUTION: We can manufactur and find the lens for you and get samples to you for testing as fast as possible.


Finding a suitable lens can be hard.

We know which lenses the lens manufacturers have made.  Most of their lenses are on our database – perhaps the world’s largest database of lenses - ready for you to search.

If the lens you need is not in our database, we can design for you.


We source lenses from lens manufacturers in Japan, China, Taiwan, Korea, USA, Germany amongst other countries.  The largest location for lens manufacturing in the world is in Shenzhen, China (50 lens manufacturers).  We are based in Shenzhen(nearby HONGKONG) to give you the fastest service.

Your needs

Situations you might be in, that we can help with:

  • The development kit for our CMOS imager has arrived and we need a different lens
  • Is a great lens for my need out there already?
  • Where is that lens?
  • How do I get it this week?
  • My project cannot justify the cost of getting a special lens designed and made
  • It takes too long to design and develop a special lens (it often takes at least two design iterations until the special lens is right); small quantity runs of new lens designs for testing are expensive; there can be a high engineering overhead of interacting with the designer on a custom lens development
  • I do not have time to fly to Asia and find the right lens supplier; where do I start?

So at this time,we can solove all your problems.

It is our honour to help you to solve these problems!

Send us your lens demand to us.