1.13mm M12 fisheye lens 210 degree

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1.13mm M12 fisheye lens 210 degree

Standardly with IR cut off filter,other filters are optional for specific applications,such as narrow band pass filter

Max Image Height φ3.1
Sensor Size 1/2.9”
Focal Length 1.13mm
F/NO f2.0
Back Focal Length 3.41mm
Flange Back Length 3.18mm
Thread size M12
Element 6g+IR


  • security, surveillance
  • medical
  • military
  • environment monitoring
  • aerospace
  • drone
  • location based entertainment
  • robot
  • machine vision
  • wearable
  • mobile device
  • 3D sensors
  • IoT
  • home integration

and other high-tech industries.