1.1mm M12 fisheye lens F2.6 170 degree


1.1mm M12 fisheye lens F2.6 170 degree

Standardly with IR cut off filter,other filters are optional for specific applications,such as narrow band pass filter

Max Image Height ∅4.7
Sensor Size 1/4”
Focal Length 1.1mm
F/NO f2.6
Back Focal Length 2.3mm
FOV 170(D) 140(H)
Flange Back Length 1.53mm
Thread size M12
Element 2G+2P+IR


  • security, surveillance
  • medical
  • military
  • environment monitoring
  • aerospace
  • drone
  • location based entertainment
  • robot
  • machine vision
  • wearable
  • mobile device
  • 3D sensors
  • IoT
  • home integration

and other high-tech industries.