940nm narrow bandpass filter



940nm narrow bandpass filter

custom size  and thickness

Center wavelength of 940nm ± 2nm
Center wavelength transmittance> 90%
Half bandwidth: 30nm
Cut-off area: 200nm ~ 870nm, 990nm ~ 1100nm
Cut-off rate: T <0.1%
Square size: 10.0mm × 10.0×0.7mm
Color: white mirror
Material: optical glass coating

940nm narrowband pass filter
The advantages of the filter:
1) Suitable for glare (sunlight) work under the interference
2) Transmission rate up to 80%, the instrument light attenuation coefficient effectively enhance the working distance and light intensity, to make up for the instability of LED940 infrared light.
3) the actual cut-off rate is high, vertical incidence of no penetration under strong infrared light, OD greater than 5
4) 30 ~ 50nm half-bandwidth, single-sided all-dielectric hard film, with dual-function effect, can be combined with the back of the sleeve into ultra-narrowband biochemical fluorescence micro-filter, OD value can be increased to 8

Application areas:
Infrared indoor and outdoor 24-hour monitoring thermometer
Infrared indoor and outdoor 24-hour surveillance cameras
License Plate Recognition
Medical monitoring and care
Automotive testing and maintenance equipment
Mobile phone and other Bluetooth transmission
Intelligent lighting
Smart vacuum cleaner, household appliances
Infrared ink identification

working principle:
Mainly by infrared 940nmLED, 940nm semiconductor laser, infrared light source and other infrared light source excitation (emission), the reflected light through the 940nm filter to eliminate or filter out stray light, to ensure that the sensor (chip) received the signal accurate, Will not be out of distortion or saturation and garbled and so on. Achieve large amounts of data collection and transmission