IR650/940 IR Filter



IR650/940 IR Filter

Day and night dual-use filters can pass visible light 420nm-620nm and 940nm infrared light to stop the near infrared 1050nm-1200nm infrared light, mainly used in CCD or CMOS imaging system, can obtain true color images during the day and night can get clear Black and white image. Mainly used in security surveillance, digital cameras, video phones, video doorbell, digital telescope, and visual attendance machine and other fields.

420 to 620 nm: Tmin ≧ 85%, Tave ≧ 90%
650 ± 10 nm: T = 50%
700 ~ 850 nm: T <3%
930 ~ 970 nm: T> 85%
1100 to 1200 nm: Tmax ≦ 4%
Base material: D263T, B270, green board,
Thickness: 0.55mm

custom size and thickness

IR650940 IR Filter


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