Miniature lenses are designed to provide optimal image performance for a variety of applications using CCD/CMOS imaging sensors. 

board lenses

          The S-mount lenses is a standard lens used in various surveillance CCTV cameras and webcams.As  the lenses with a M12x0.5mm thread,so sometimes are called  “M12 lenses“,”M12x0.5 lenses“.Because the lens mounts are usually attached directly to the PCB of the sensor, the standard is often called”board lenses“.

 now carries an extensive range of  board lenses in stock,except M12 (S Mount) lenses,we also supply M14 mount lenses.We carry a wide range of lenses for smallest 1/6-inch type to the largest 2/3-inch sensor.

         These lenses can be used in different conditions,such day time applications ,day and night applications,low light level conditions,a range of IR Cut board lenses,for applications where sun light is causing over exposure.Also we can custom differetn IR cut filter for these S-mount lenses,such as 850nm narrow pass filer or 940nm narrow pass filter,and so on. so can get high quality images.

         These board Miniature lenses can be for scanners, CCTV, CCD/CMOS, medical imaging, surveillance systems, machine vision and night vision systems.

           we can offer a range of cone pinhole lenses for covert  or surveillance applications.Pinhole lenses can be rebated or concealed behind screens, making them completely hidden.So it is suitable for special purpose.Pinhole lenses with button shape or crew shape and so on ,at all it can provide the camera with a wide field of view, and, high quality images.

pinhole lenses

             A Fisheye Lenses are an ultra wide-angle lens that produces strong visual distortion intended to create a wide panoramic or hemispherical image.can be have 160 degree,180 degree,200 degree and so on.

            As we have different fisheye lenses in stock,you can find one which is suitable for your project,so can reduce your project costs than design a new one.

            We can offer a wide range of quality Megapixel M10/M9/M8/M7/M6/M5 Mount Miniature Lenses with factory price,Not like M12 lenses ,they are light weight and with short TTL,suitable for drone and cellphone and any other small applications.